Let’s get employed!

The Project

supported by ARCI Bologna in collaboration with Teatro dell'Argine
and Arci Alle Rive del Reno Millenium
1st edition: December 2013 - May 2014
2nd edition: January 2015 - April 2015
A theatre workshop dedicated to unemployed people, occasional workers or temporary employees, with the objective of giving voice and visibility to many stories of men and women who everyday pay the price for unemployment and working crisis personally.
Final performance of workshop Let’s get employed! – 1st edition: A Working Journey, which premiered at ITC Teatro di San Lazzaro (BO) on May 4th 2014.
Final performance of workshop Let’s get employed! – 2nd edition: Men at Work On the Run, which premiered on Teatrobus at ITC Teatro di San Lazzaro (BO), on April 13th 2015.


The goals of every theatre workshop here get in touch with the objective of using theatre to tell about individual and social crisis connected to unemployment in Italy: understanding more about ourselves, our limits and skills; improving our way of expressing, especially the use of body language; spending time and socializing with others in a different way; making a journey inside ourselves to live and be aware of our personal history; considering that issues related to work are not only private, but collective; learning how to cope with the excitement of public speaking.

The Show

Final performance of workshop Let’s get employed! - 1st edition
A Working Journey
with Isadora Bergami, Francesca Bagnara, Letizia Campagna, Annalisa Demaria, Marica Fantuzzi, Davide Saccà, Agata Spagnolo, Martina Vittuari
written by Martina Vittuari, Isadora Bergami, Leila Falà and participants of the workshop
directed by Lea Cirianni
Unemployed people, occasional workers, temporary employees are the protagonists of this work. On stage they are telling their own working journey: because looking for a job is a job, it’s a continuous journey, and you need to have your hand luggage ready at any time, a luggage full of past and futures identities, of fears and hopes.
Final performance (chiamiamo performance anche l’esito finale della 1 edizione)  of workshop Let’s get employed! – 2nd edition
Men at Work On the Run
with Lucia Calandri, Letizia Campagna, Ilaria Cicione, Giada Colagioia, Stefania Lacchini, Agata Spagnolo, Silvia Martini
written by all participants from an idea by Lea Cirianni
assistants: Domenico Cardile, Martina Vittuari
directed by Lea Cirianni

A bus becomes the metaphor in which our protagonists’ stories, words, lives travel.
A bus: the same one that everyday brings them to work, or home from work, looking for a job or running away from a job.
A bus: a place in constant motion, where fears, hopes, thoughts meet and intertwine daily, almost without our knowledge, and become an opportunity of encounter.
A bus always on the run; on the run, as our protagonists.
What if that race was abruptly stopped? What if bus stops were all cancelled? What if everything around stopped?

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